Colin Powell Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

Colin Powell celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a very special assembly.  Fourth-grader Lucia M. was the winner of the Hispanic Heritage Essay Contest for her essay on Sonia Sotomayor.  
As the curtains opened, students, staff, and administration were entertained by two Peruvian students wearing the cultural costume and danced traditional Peruvian dance.  But the main surprise was when the curtains opened again and Colin Powell teachers dressed in Spanish flamenco costumes danced for the audience.  The flamenco dancers also accompanied the special musical guests on stage while they played. 
A lovely afternoon filled with culture, music, and dance. 
Lucia M. Hispanic Heritage Essay Winner         
                 two children dressed in the Peruvian cultural dress holding the Peruvian flag
six female teachers of  CP dressed in flamenco costumes and dancing to traditional spanish music      CP teachers in flamenco costumes accompanying two musicians one with a guitar and the other the mambo drum