Multiple Intelligence Arts Domain

     The Multiple Intelligence Arts Domain (M.I.A.D).M.I.A.D’s is an enrichment program that offers elective courses to students to develop an understanding of the fine and performing arts or physical education to address and enhance the academic curriculum. 


The M.I.A.D courses are designed to address the following components: 


  • Address the Common Core State Standards for College and Career Readiness
  • Address the multiple intelligences of the students in the course design
  • Foster higher-level thinking as described in Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning
  • Encourage independent thinking and problem solving skills
  • Involve students in courses geared towards “STEAM”, which focuses on science, technology, engineering, art and mathematical aspects of the curriculum.  
  • Offer students choices in the development of an end product or original piece of art
  • Challenge students through rigorous and innovative courses while at the same time learning new skills


     Select second grade students and all third, fourth and fifth grade students will have the opportunity to participate in the MIAD program by choosing a MIAD of their choice.   These courses have been designed to give students a selection of classes that further develop and define their talents.   Students will be allowed to choose up to five different courses by specifying their first, second, third, fourth and fifth choice.  Based on the student’s selection and availability of the course, they will be placed in the appropriate course.  Courses for the students are available in Mid September and then again in Mid-January.  The M.I.A.D’s course will take place every Wednesday afternoon from 1:00-2:15.