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Parent/Guardian Workshops 2017-2018

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The communication between Parent/Guardian and their children's school is a vital relationship.  To enhance and foster this friendship the Parent Liaison will be the guide on this journey, through information, events, and open communication.
La comunicación entre padres/tutor y escuelas es una relación vital. Para mejorar y fomentar esta amistad el enlace del padre será la guía en este viaje a través de información, eventos, y la comunicación abierta.
Workshop Date Workshop  Topic
September 21, 2017 Save Latin America "Parents Take Action"
October 19, 2017 Palisades Family Success Center "Information Session"
November 2017 American Lung Association "Pediatric and Adult Asthma Information
December 2017 Police Safety "See Something...Say Something" 
January 2018 North Hudson Community Corporation "Family Planning & Transmitting Diseases"
February 2018 Stroke Association "Warning Signs and Prevention"
March  2018 Act Now "Alzheimer's Awareness"
April   2018 NHCC Chief Nutritionist "What and How to cook for Families with young children"
May  2018 Leadership Program "Power of One - Single Parenting"
Parent Liaison