Ms. O'Sullivan Music 2020-2021

Ms. Sarah O'Sullivan is super excited about coming back to Colin Powell for her third year! She teaches K-2 General Music, and Vocal Music for any students in grades 2-5 who want to learn how to sing.
Check out last year's Colin Powell Spring Concert Virtual Project in the "Videos" section!
Beginning of the 2020-2021 School Year Information
This fall, we are starting off virtually. However, unlike the end of last year, I will get to see students on video conference and in real time, yay!! If you are a student or parent in Grades K-2, just look at your regular homeroom teacher's main page on Backpack, and you should see a button that says "Ms. O'Sullivan's Music Class." Click that, and it will bring you right to my Zoom video conference room for class!
I will also be using Schoology, but primarily for discussions, pictures, interesting articles, or links to music. I do not usually give homework or any work outside of regular class time.
Grading for all General Music classes is based on Participation. When the class meets, I give each student a grade for how they did in class that day.
The same expectations apply for virtual learning; I observe on their videos whether students are paying attention, following directions, and of course, doing activities with the class. As I have reminded them, if I can't see them on camera, I can't tell if they are participating! So unless there is a technical issue, videos should always be on, and students should always be visible in them, unless they have gotten permission to leave the meeting.
If a student is participating and doing his or her best, that student should be getting an A. If your child is not doing well, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss why, and how I can better help your child to learn and enjoy music.
Personal Info
Ms. O'Sullivan got her BA in Music from Skidmore College and her MAT in Music Education from Montclair State University. She grew up here in New Jersey and loves it! She enjoys reading, composing, playing the piano, and singing in choruses and community theatre productions. 
Feel free to contact me anytime!
School Phone (less reliable because I travel from class to class): 201-351-5165 ext. 74332


2020 Colin Powell Virtual Spring Concert Project!

With the help of Colin Powell administrators and teachers, Mr. Montanari, Mr. Passante, a number of parents who got called at the last minute, and of course, our wonderful students, this was the project we put together last year since we couldn't be together in person for a concert. It features students of all grades singing, dancing, and playing instruments, not to mention an audio track entirely composed and created by Chorus students!