Week 12: ELA / Social Studies

Week 12: ELA/Social Studies 

   This week the students will finish reading the novel, The Courage of Sarah Noble. On December 6, 2022 there will be a Whole Book Comprehension/Vocabulary Test on The Courage of Sarah Noble. The remainder of next week the students will work on a Benchmark PCR. Students will receive a Study Guide in their Take Home Folder. Please review with your child the novel vocabulary and study guide. The vocabulary and study guide are posted on Schoology as well.

   In addition, students will complete the Social Studies Our Environment chapter on SAVVAS.  Students received an Our Environment Study Guide. The Our Environment Test will be on Friday, December 2, 2022. Please have your child review the study guide each night. As well as review the My World eText lessons on SAVVAS. If your child is absent during the school week please have your child work on assignments posted on Schoology, Flocabulary, BrainPOPJr, and SAVVAS. Thank you.