Ms. Such Room 330



Homework Description and Policy

Note  - Spelling & Grammar are ongoing (set homework assignments)   If additional Homework is assigned students will be responsible for copying it down. 
*The list of all spelling words for entire 6 Units is provided here on the wed site.
Students most know the current story to find the words.
LA- Spelling words for Reading Street  (20)
       Find defenitions. 
       Grammar- 2 pages- (for the most part)
LA- Spelling words for Reading Street (20)
LA- Spelling words for Reading Street (20)
3 times each.
LA- Spelling words for Reading Street (20)
Study for spelling test on Friday.
Social Studies Homework will be assigned daily.   
Students will have the opportunity to copy from the board.
Homework is expected to be completed daily. I understand that things can come up, emergencies. I will consider the circumstances based on students academic record & and school performance.
All projects will have a due date, please make sure its in on time. Points will be taken off for latenesses.
Spelling test will go home on Fridays or Mondays they need to be signed and return. if not signed the students will loose 5 pts.