"The Life of a Frog"

Ms. Miranda's First Grade Class at Colin Powell read the story "The Life of a Frog." Afterwards, students wrote about and made a model of the cycle of a frog.

Letters to Veterans!

Colin Powell's Student Council wrote letters to Veterans thanking them for their service. Mrs. Doody, the Student Council Moderator, will be delivering them to a local VFW.

Voting in Class!

Colin Powell, First Grade, Ms. Miranda. Students discussed the voting process. They voted for their favorite breakfast cereal. They created a graph and wrote about the information they gathered.

"Making a Map" & "Taking a Walk / Caminando"

After reading "Making A Map" and listening to the story "Taking a Walk / Caminando" in Ms. Miranda's First Grade Class at Colin Powell, students filled in their own maps of what they see on their way home and wrote about it.

Halloween 2021!

Colin Powell's Administration, Faculty, Students, and Parents enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of enchantment and wonder. It was great seeing the excitement in everyone's eyes!

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!

First Grade, Ms. Miranda. Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!!!! Ms. Miranda's class started learning all about the sky. They learned interesting facts about the sun. They wrote some of the facts and created a model of the sun.
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