Congratulations Ms. Turner and Ms. Ros!

Colin Powell BELIEVES in you! Congratulations to this year's Educational Service Professional of the Year, Eileen Turner and the Governor's Educator of the Year, Lourdes Ros. Congratulations and thank you for all you do!

"The Snowy Day"

First Grade- Ms. Miranda's students are ready for a snow day. They learned all about snow and after listening to the story "The Snowy Day" they wrote about what they like to do when it snows.

Seeds Change and Grow!

First Grade- Ms. Miranda's scientists watch and record the changes to the seeds they planted. They recorded their observations as the seeds change and grow. Finally, they can take home their beautiful plant.

Donating Thanksgiving Lunches!

Colin Powell's Student Council wanted to give back to their community this Thanksgiving. They made around 30 turkey sandwiches and packed them with a snack.

Thankful Trees!

Ms. Silva's Fourth Grade Class, Colin Powell, created beautiful trees expressing things they are thankful for this year. They have many things they are grateful for.

The Sunflower Cycle!

First Grade, Ms. Miranda's class: Students brighten up the classroom with these beautiful sunflowers. After learning about the cycle of a sunflower, the students use the vocabulary they learned to write about the cycle of the sunflower.
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