Mrs. Ellen Cifarelli

Welcome to my classroom! Twenty-five years ago I began my journey as a teacher and I could not have chosen a better career path.  As a graduate of Saint Peter's College in 1993, I attained a B.A. degree in Elementary Education and American Studies.  At New Jersey City University, my post graduate work has included a Masters Degree in Special Education and additional course work in English as a Second Language, Psychology, and  Literacy Education.  I am presently working on a Masters Degree in Literacy Education, along with certification as a Reading Specialist.  I firmly believe that learning never ends.
Throughout my twenty years serving the Union City School District, I have worked at Sara Gilmore School, and currently serve as a fourth grade teacher at beautiful Colin Powell Elementary.  Every day I am surrounded by inspiring colleagues and enthusiastic little learners.  It is simply a joy to come to work!
Reading and all things related to literacy are my passion! I remind my students that they are the authors of their own life story.  As an ELA teacher, I have the pleasure of sharing my love of literature, through fiction and the content area of Social Studies.  Even more importantly, I strive to foster a learning environment that is nurturing and respects and acknowledges the strengths and struggles of each learner.  The social/emotional growth of my students is at the core of my teaching philosophy.  
It is an honor to work in this vibrant, bustling city of hard-working people.  As the daughter of Irish immigrant parents, I appreciate the importance of education to the community, especially newly arrived families.  I know that the parents of my students wish for their children to succeed and fulfill their full potential.  It is gratifying to know that I have a hand in shaping the lives of children raised in families like my very own.  The impact of one child's education can have a life-changing effect on an entire family.  I am forever grateful for the privilege of teaching in Union City.

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Ellen Cifarelli's Pinch Paragraph

This is a sample paragraph I crafted after completing the STEAL graphic organizer to characterize the character Pinch.  Notice that used the quotes I found from the book and weaved a coherent paragraph with my own analysis based on that text support.  I also came up with a clever title.